You can choose between "stible" reusable packing materials and regular packing materials for delivery. Please make your choice at checkout.

※If you use stible, we will send you a 15% off coupon for your next order in your order confirmation email.
(Expiration date: End of the month following the date of purchase)
※Please note that if you purchase REMINISCING WHOLE CARE SOAP or MOISTURIZER, you cannot choose stible as your shipping method.
※If you choose eGift, your order will automatically be shipped in regular packaging.
If you are purchasing as a gift and the recipient's address is different from the order recipient's address, we recommend that you select the "stible" option only for your own purchase.

What is stible?

Stible is a recycling-oriented service that aims to reduce as much waste as possible from shipping. Customers are asked to return the packaging materials themselves to their mailboxes, and the packaging materials are reused to conserve resources and reduce waste and CO2 emissions. Pearl+ is working together to solve the problem of wasteful delivery methods for brands and consumers as well as for the global environment.

How to use stible

How to use stible How to use stible

stible points can be exchanged for various digital gifts or donated!

Customers who receive items packaged in stible will receive stible points to their LINE accounts by registering on the official stible LINE, completing the return procedure, and posting (returning) the items to the mailbox. You can also exchange your points for gift certificates or make a donation at「デジコ」 at any time you like.

stible point

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Orders received between Wednesday and Thursday will be shipped on Friday.
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※If you are purchasing as a gift and your address and shipping address are different, please choose a payment method other than "Amazon pay" because if you choose "Amazon pay" payment, the system will not include your name in the "sender" information and we will not know who the gift is from.